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Appsfactory Consulting specializes in impactful tech consulting.

At Appsfactory, Germany's leading full-service digital agency, we have expertly integrated consulting into our offerings, evolving from our development and design origins. This evolution, fueled by years of combining technical proficiency with advisory acumen, led to the creation of a specialized consulting unit. We excel at turning ideas into high-quality digital solutions, aligned with client visions and aimed at sustainable success. Our commitment extends to fostering lasting client relationships, ensuring personalized achievements in each project. This client-focused strategy, enhanced by our comprehensive consulting expertise, establishes us as not only a service provider but a trusted partner in your digital journey.


Impact Consulting

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The initial step in Impact Consulting is to set benchmarks through a detailed analysis of the organization's current processes, performance, and practices, creating a measurable baseline for future improvements. This is vital for identifying growth opportunities.


After setting benchmarks, the focus shifts to implementing transformative changes tailored to the organization's specific challenges and goals. This includes overhauling processes, adopting new technologies, and reshaping culture to drive significant improvement aligned with the organization's vision.


This stage centers on prototyping solutions, enabling the testing of new ideas in a controlled environment. It's essential for experimenting, identifying issues, and making adjustments, ensuring solutions are both innovative and feasible.

Monitoring & Iterate

The final phase involves ongoing testing, monitoring, and iteration to refine and improve the implemented changes and prototypes based on effectiveness and feedback. This ensures long-term sustainability and adaptability of the solutions.


Consulting Pillars

Appsfactory Consulting employs a multi-pillar strategy covering various aspects of tech innovation and business efficiency, from artificial intelligence to software optimization. This ensures comprehensive support for your digital transformation, delivering impactful results for success in the digital world.

Leveraging cutting-edge advancements for innovative solutions

Appsfactory Consulting delivers excellence across six pillars: AI & Machine Learning, DevOps, Software Process Optimization, Low Code & Tooling, Test Automation, and Security & Risk Assessment, each designed to empower businesses with cutting-edge, impactful technological solutions and strategies.

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Security and Risk Assessment

Our Security and Risk Assessment pillar strengthens organizational defenses and risk awareness through Risk Storming and Accessibility Workshops, Infrastructure Security Coaching, and support for ISO certification audits, including checklist analysis and process adaptations. This ensures robust security and effective risk management.

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Software Process Optimization

Our Software Process Optimization pillar aids organizations, particularly newcomers to software development, in setting up and refining processes from Requirements to Roadmap Management. We also facilitate Operations hand-overs and advise on WSJF strategies for optimal support prioritization.

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AI & Machine Learning

Our AI & Machine Learning pillar aims to make AI practical and accessible for the workplace through workshops and big data applications, facilitating AI content creation and integration into daily operations.

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Low Code & Tooling

Our Low Code & Tooling pillar focuses on selecting and implementing solutions for Test Automation, Content Creation, and Operations, offering tool benchmarking, setup, integration, and administration support, alongside guidance on licensing models to streamline and speed up processes.

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Our DevOps pillar focuses on bridging development and operations, optimizing Continuous Integration, Deployment, and Testing. We offer expertise in Operations, Development, Security, Business Architecture, and Compliance, integrating these into Test Automation for efficiency.

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Test Automation

In Test Automation, we balance automation with manual testing, prepare test environments, train staff, and offer customized solutions. We also specialize in data anonymization and synthesis for privacy and compliance.



Appsfactory Consulting provides services for digital transformation, covering AI, DevOps, software optimization, low-code solutions, and test automation, with a strong emphasis on security. Our approach delivers innovative solutions for growth and success in the digital era.

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Security and Risk Assessment

• Risk Storming workshops for cybersecurity awareness
Infrastructure security coaching and consultancy

• ISO certification preparation and audit support

• Customized risk assessment and management solutions

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Software Process Optimization

• Digital transformation consultancy for software development processes

• Customized requirements and test management systems

• Deployment and release management optimization

• Roadmap planning and prioritization consultancy

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AI & Machine Learning

• Custom AI strategy workshops

• Big Data analytics and insights services

• AI-driven content creation and prompting solutions

• Machine Learning model development and integration

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Low Code & Tooling

• Selection and implementation of Low Code platforms

• Tool benchmarking and integration services

• Custom solution development for test automation and content creation

• Licensing model consultancy and optimization

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• Comprehensive DevOps strategy and implementation

• Continuous Integration/Deployment/Testing solutions

• DevOps training for operations and development teams

• Security and compliance integration in DevOps practices

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Test Automation

• Analysis and consultancy on automation vs. manual testing

• Custom test automation framework development

• Training for test automation tools and best practices

• Test data management and anonymization services



• User error messages decreased by 20%

• Changed Development and Testing process from five to three stages to increase efficiency


• Provided consultancy to Mercedes for developing their digital app family product strategy.

• Developed the "Rising Stars" architecture, components, and DevOps toolchain.

• Created the integration concept for the Mercedes Me App family.

• Contributed to Mercedes winning the lighthouse case winner at IAA 2019.

• Played a pivotal role in securing the Automotive API Awards 2020.


• Introduction and enhancement of state-of-the-art development processes, aimed at streamlining software creation and deployment for VW OS and infotainment applications.

• Comprehensive development and refinement of a digital lifecycle model for efficient software delivery, coupled with the use of advanced test automation to boost efficiency in driving the VW App Store.

• Focusing on the future vision of the VW group, where software, particularly the app store, plays a pivotal role, we provide expertise in rapid app update delivery through cutting-edge test automation solutions.

Bayerischer Rundfunk

• Enhanced efficiency through improved Confluence and Jira workflows.

• Collaborated to refine internal processes.

• Leveraged Jira & Confluence to support and streamline their operational workflows.


• Guided Schenck Process in a 6-month digital transformation project with a product-driven approach.

• Aimed to provide convenient digital products for machines, differentiating in the industry.

• Conducted an inception workshop and UX Research.

• Developed a product strategy aligned with company goals and customer needs.

• Created a roadmap for achieving the product vision, incorporating stakeholder feedback.

• Emphasized a user-centric approach throughout the project.

Police Saxony

• Achieved a 50% efficiency increase by using AI for automatic processing of audio and video protocols.

• Developed a speech recognition system in collaboration with Police Saxony to enhance administrative efficiency and accuracy in law enforcement.

• Combined various technologies while adhering to high security standards.

• Significantly improved police administration efficiency through AI-supported audio data processing.



Expertise. Passion. Creativity.

Ivan Horvatic

Head of Consulting

As the Head of Consulting at our firm, Ivan brings a unique blend of expertise in sales, personnel management, and a comprehensive understanding of all areas of our consulting unit. With a robust background in engineering and quality assurance, Ivan is adept at driving innovative solutions while ensuring the highest standards of quality and efficiency. His hands-on experience in both technical and managerial domains empowers him to lead with a balanced perspective, fostering a culture of excellence and growth. Under Ivan's leadership, our consulting services not only meet but exceed client expectations, delivering results that truly make a difference.

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Christian-Dirk Kowtun

Senior Tech Consultant

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Frederik Viskovic


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Hendrik Rathgeber

Scrum Master

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Daniel Tyson

AI Tech Consultant

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